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hi guys! (againagain OTL)
today, it’s been 2 years since I’ve been a KISSME (like I said in the FollowForever..) SOOOO, I’ve decided to do a little giveaway! (probably the last one until I turn 18 /next year/ because I need money….) 
And I want to show my gratitude for everyone that have been following me through these two years, so this has to be a good idea right??? RIGHT?? 
So, since this is a U-KISS blog, and I love U-KISS, and you guys also love them, I’ve decided to do another U-KISS themed giveaway! ^^

okey, to the rules~:

- Following is optional, which means, if you like my blog, follow, if not, then don’t! ^^
- You have to be 16+ or have permission from parents.
- Reblog up to 5 times a day. If you reblog more, you’ll be disqualified.
- Likes count!
- You can live everywhere!
- The winner will be able to choose 2 U-KISS albums of their choice. You can just link me to the ones you want c; 
- The giveaway ends August 11th! and, since it’s vacation in many parts of the world, then you have actually 3 weeks to respond to my message.
- You have to be confident by giving me your address. 
- I’ll announce the winner once he/she responds, and I’ll post his/hers url if he/she wants to. 
- Questions about something I haven’t written in this post? ASK ME! ^^

HAPPY REBLOGGING GUYS!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Aaron Yan becomes topless to reveal his ‘chocolate abs’; Tia Li promises to show her ‘mermaid line’ if viewership rating breaks 3.00 record

Today, ‘Fall in Love With Me’ has held a celebratory event for the drama’s viewership rating to have broken the 2.00 record. Aaron Yan, Jack Li and Johnny Yang have been showing up their abs! When Aaron Yan took off his blazer to show his 8-pack, this has caused everyone to scream non-stop. He said: “To maintain my figurine, I’ve only eaten fruits from last night until now.” If the viewership rating continues to rise and breaks the 3.00 record, Tia Li has already promised to reveal her ‘mermaid line’. She laughed and said: “I’ve been training myself for 1.5 hours everyday, hoping I can show it to everyone when the rating breaks 3.00.”

'Fall in Love With Me' has broken another high record last week, grabbing the first place on the viewership ratings league table for straight 17 weeks! Today Aaron Yan, Tia Li, Jack Li, Beatrice Fang, Katherine Wang and Johnny Yang ate chocolates to celebrate. Aaron Yan, Jack Li and Johnny Yang first demonstrated using roller slides, followed by the female casts to sit on their backs. Aaron Yan said: “To maintain my figurine, I've only eaten fruits from last night until now.” Johnny Yang said: “I've only eaten breakfast, I didn't touch on other food.” Jack Li said: “After hearing about this event, I did not even touch on food.”

For breaking the 2.00 record, the guys have showed their abs. If the drama breaks the 3.00 record, Tia Li promised everyone that she’ll show her ‘mermaid line’. She laughed and said: “I’ve been training myself for 1.5 hours everyday, hoping I can show it to everyone when the rating breaks 3.00. Girls, we should all do this!” Beatrice Fang laughed and said: “I can show my tonsils.” Katherine Wang said: “You have the qualities, you can show off your bustline!” Beatrice Fang said: “Ever since having to sit on the wheelchair to film, I haven’t been to the gym much. I’ve slacked off and my weight has increased for about 1 or 2 kgs. I must start going to the gym again.”

Following on, Aaron Yan exposed some secrets. He said: “Tia keeps saying she’d like to get married when filming.” Tia explained: “I got affected by the drama’s storyline. On top of that, so many people have been getting married lately, so I would like to get married myself too.” Aaron asked her what qualities she looks for in guys and she replied: “Not too short, has a habit of doing exercise, it’d be even better if he has muscles.” Aaron said: “My dad has a lot of medical students, I can keep an eye out for you.” Johnny Yang who was standing by the side asked: “Do you have friends who are pilots? (pilot prounced as ‘ji shi’ in Mandarin)" Aaron laughed and said: "Ah Ji Shi? (a famous chef in Taiwan)" The two both laughed out loudly after that.

Source: WOW News 20140729

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