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[TRANS] 140825 Kiseop Twitter Update


Rough Translation:

I don’t use facebook or instagram. 
Though I don’t have those accounts, there are people who are acting just like my acquaintances. 
There are some people who have impersonated me and so my acquaintances.. a friend, family….. please don’t carelessly treat them. 
Let’s be more honest… That’s my request.


LAVELY, Ladies’ Code’s fanclub, decided to make EunB’s wish come true by trying to make the group’s song #1 on the music charts. 

They asked everyone to stream Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You” on music sites to give EunB one last present. 

Other fanclubs also responded, pausing their own artists’ songs for awhile and playing “I’m Fine Thank You” instead. 

This is the result. 

Just this one day today,  I cry
I hope that you are forever happy, Good bye
Sometimes, you can think of me and smile
I’m fine thank you
Thank you

- Ladies’ Code -  I’m Fine Thank You


jo sungmo reveals that in his debut MV, he wasn’t allow to appear because he was not handsome, if he showed his face, he was afraid that it might affect the album selling rate (which happened to kim bumsoo before - his album selling rate dropped down a lot after he showed his face)

and tao was quite angry when he heard it, he didn’t agree with the thing called “singer-can-not-have-an-ugly-face”, he also stated that “if you have a good voice, you should stand on stage and sing for everyone”

(Source: oshzt)

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